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  • Superior Fuel Economy
  • Superior Wear Protection
  • Superior Stability
  • Superior Fluidity
  • Superior Overall Economy
  • Superior Oxidation Resistance
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AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants Boast...
AMSOIL "Signature Series" Synthetic Motor Oils dramatically outperform conventional petroleum motor oils.    The molecular uniformity of synthetic lubricants promote superior lubrication and friction reduction, which in turn promotes superior heat control, wear control and energy efficiency. Molecular uniformity also helps synthetics maintain their protective viscosity in high-temperature operations, which also promotes superior wear control. Because they are derived from pure chemicals, synthetic lubricants contain no contaminants or molecules that “don’t pull their own weight.”  Synthetic Lubricants contain no paraffin or wax molecules like conventional lubricants.  

Why AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils
They reduce friction, heat and wear for maximum power, performance and fuel efficiency. Resistant to high temperature burn-off, chemical breakdown and sludging - keeping engines cleaner. Provides low temperature fluidity for fast, dependable winter starts and cold start protection. Exceed the most demanding world-wide performance standards and meet warranty requirements for all domestic and imported passenger car engines, both turbo-charged and  non-turbo-charged. AMSOIL Signature Series - 0w30 provided up to 25,000-mile or 1-year drain intervals.  


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AMSOIL Regency Platinum 7 Star Direct Jobber, Mr. Dave Mann

This website is brought to you by AMSOIL Regency Platinum 7 Star Direct Jobber, Mr. Dave Mann, who has spent his career engineering and testing vehicles at Ford Motor Company and has more than 30 years experience engineering and testing cars, trucks, engines, chassis components, powertains and lubricants.

Mr. Mann supports and long term business relationships with his customers and his dedicated commitment to excellence has earned Mr. Mann the title of AMSOIL Regency Platinum 7-Star Direct Jobber, the highest level ever achieved in over 40 years AMSOIL has been in business.

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